Hints and Tips

Tiny Fugue

Preventing Idlebooting: Idlebooting is pretty lame, and not practiced much these days. But, in case someone does, here's the solution:

/def unidle=@noop%;/repeat -wWORLD -00:10:00 1 /unidle /def -p1 -mglob -h'DISCONNECT *' = /retry %1

/loadworld /world WORLD /unidle where WORLD is the name of the world in your tinyfugue. This will send an @noop every 10 minutes, hence keeping you unidle. You must program your passwords into your tiny.worlds file for this to work. see '/help addworld' in tinyfuge for assistance.

Taking blue out of the who list: In case you don't like the new blue-idle who list, here's a tf way to remove it:

/def -wdemuse -mregexp -t"^--< Who List >-+$" twholist=/set start_color_blue=\033[0m%;

/def -1 -wdemuse -p100 -F -mregexp -t"^-+$" tnowholist =/set start_color_blue=\033[34m


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