Trade Wars 2002 Games
A reach back to the days when the BBS world was all there was, Trade Wars 2002 (TW2002) was one of, if not the best online game to play. As such, development has continued for years. The game Evolved from Trade Wars 1000, which evolved from Trade Wars, which had evolved from something else, which has long since slipped from memory.

The following games exist(with a quick summary of each game):

A) Primary Public
In this game you get refamiliarized with TW2002. THe universe is big and the turns aren't as big, so it's a good place to re-learn tw2002.

B) Traditional
This is as close to the traditional style as possible. NO AUTOMATION OR HELPERS ALLOWED. This game will be monitored for such applications and violators will be deleted.

C) Big Game
A huge game with as many new features as possible. It's huge. USE OF HELPERS OR AUTOMATION TOOLS IS ENCOURAGED.

To connect to the MU*Net Trade Wars 2002 game, simply telnet to 2002

Provided below are some resources for TW2002.


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